Nurturing Spirit, Nurturing Environment

We all need to be nurtured, in our bodies, our mind and our spirit. 

Being nurtured – what does that look like for you?  For most people it means being loved and accepted for who we are, and for having our most cherished needs met, either by ourselves or others.

It also means having choices, and having time to enjoy those choices.

For me personally, it’s having a moment to watch my hens and their chicks, to feed the visiting galahs, to prepare and eat a nutritious meal with family, and be appreciated for it, and to solve a problem by talking with a good friend.

For you, it may be having a luxurious bath, spending a day at the seaside, enjoying a delicious lunch with friends – in fact I would have to include all these on my list too!
Nurturing comes in two main ways – from yourself and from others.

You need to be able to accept the gift.  Can you nurture yourself and not feel guilty about it?  I know that often I find this so difficult, which is why when we do special things to nurture ourselves it’s considered ‘naughty’ or indulgent. It’s also a treat and a blessing to be nurtured by others and also be able to return the nurture.


The hen in the photo is ‘Snowy’, now quite an elderly silky bantam.  She has mothered and nurtured many chicks, including ‘Adventure Chick’, who features in another of our blogs. She tends to nurture extremely well for a while until the chicks are old enough to fend for themselves and then they are on their own – her own version of ‘tough love’! She certainly knows how to nurture and how to nurture herself, especially when there is a juicy worm to be enjoyed.
We all need to nurture and be nurtured – I hope you can find a place where this can happen for you.

Cheers, Amanda