Super yummy quinoa salad


I’ve had quite a few requests for the recipe of my quinoa salad, so I thought I would post it on the site for everyone to enjoy.

The trick is to make it as colorful as you can, with lots of fresh, healthy ingredients. My secret (not for long!) is to caramelize onion with a sweet orange veg such as pumpkin, carrot or sweet potato, which gives this salad a sweet nutty flavor, so you don’t have to add much of a dressing.

So here it is…

  1. Firstly, cook your quinoa. When cooking, think of rice, and use the absorption method, using slightly more than double the quantity of water to quinoa. The good thing about quinoa is that you can also use it slightly underdone, like bourghul. I use a rice cooker which is fantastic, but if you don’t have one, it’s quite easy to cook on the stove.


  2. Next, collect your ingredients. The only requirement is to choose as fresh and colorful as you can. The essential one for me is onion and then I use a selection of pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato, corn, capsicum, zucchini, peas, spring onions and chick peas, but you can choose whatever ingredients you like. Then add whichever herbs you prefer – I like coriander, mint and parsley. Dice all ingredients ready to add to the quinoa.


  3. Cook your onion and orange vegetable in olive oil, adding a little brown sugar and balsamic vinegar to caramelize. When cooked, set aside.636077_orig
  4. Now put all ingredients together. You can either use the quinoa when just cooked, making a warm salad, or leave the cooked ingredients to cool. Then just put all together in a bowl, seasoning lightly with salt and pepper. You can add more olive oil and lemon juice if you like a more dressed salad, but I usually serve it as it is.Then it’s ready to eat and enjoy! It’s really delicious, healthy and very attractive, everyone loves it!
Until next time,
Cheers Amanda